Sound installation at Block 336

Everything Wants to Run

Block 336 presents Everything Wants to Run. Opening on 11th October from 6pm – 10pm, the exhibition features 9 international artists exploring concepts and conditions of materiality in contemporary art practice.

Recent philosophical discussions around “new materialism” acknowledge that digital culture, which was once considered immaterial, forms as much a part of our authentic aesthetic experience as anything else. When everything can be considered as matter, and when materiality underlies all cultural practice, how can we start to articulate the specificities and nuances of objects again, be they digital or otherwise?

Bringing together sculpture, installation, video games and performance, Everything Wants to Run will look at the intimate and visceral relationships artists have with their materials, from sound, code, and digital files to clay, plaster, ink and paper.Amongst the works featured is the UK debut of Nathaniel Stern’s The Giverny Series, in which he straps a desktop scanner, laptop and custom-made battery pack to his body, and ‘performs images into existence’ by scanning his environment. Sheet, a new work by Gabriel Hartley similarly compresses, flattens and distorts material form. Gabriel has been nominated as one of Art Review’s 2013 ‘Future Greats’, and has recently had a series of solo shows in Milan, London, Paris and New York. Alongside a solo exhibition at Limoncello, Kate Owens will show works from her series The Old You, in which images are created by the transference of dye from her jeans to a piece of paper in her pocket. These works are a subtle yet direct incarnation of the inherent transmutability of our material world.Concurrent with his major Artangel project, Dig, Daniel Silver will show The Artist his Father and his Son. This work is comprised of two large-scale sculptures which impose on their environment and engage with the Brutalist concrete columns of the gallery. Mark Jackson will show a series of printed works in which the human form is represented as digitised and in flux. Made up of dozens of distorted digital images, the prints display a tactile and seductive surface quality. Charlotte Webb will show her interactive web-based work Flickr Nude or Noodle Descending a Staircase. Part search engine, part artwork, this piece searches for and displays images from Flickr in real time.  Visitors to the exhibition will be able to create and view their own contributions to the work and add them to an online archive.

Collaborative duo MSHR (Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper) come direct from their European tour and a performance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Here they will present a video game in which viewers are invited to explore ceremonial, cybernetic and cyborgian realms. Bruce Ingram will show a series of wall-mounted pieces which develop from his solo exhibition Arrangements at Vitrine Gallery in 2012. His sculptures can be seen as discrete moments within a process of destruction and re-construction, where fragments of discarded objects are used to create new forms. Following appearances at the 2013 International Computer Music Conference and the London Contemporary Music Festival, Erik Nyström and Peiman Khosravi will debut Ambit, a site-specific sound installation event that explores visuospatial imagery evoked by the apparent physicality of sound material.

A printed publication, designed by Ric Bell, with an essay by writer, Chris McCormack will accompany the exhibition.

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